Top 3 Tips to Help You Promote Your Brand New Website

So, after taking the time to think of a clever domain name, you finally have a new website to go along with it… Congratulations! Now it’s time to promote it and establish recurring visitors to your brand new online domain.

Check out our top 3 tips to attract new traffic:

1) Social Media

The “poor man’s” best marketing tool, why? Because it’s FREE! Social media is the most easily accessible platform to any and everyone in the world (of course internet access is required, but you know what we mean). We’re sure you have at least one social media tool already up and running, so go ahead and spread the word about your new website to your followers. If you don’t have any platforms set up, now is the best time for you to hop on this business-essential bandwagon. So what are you waiting for? Start setting up your Facebook business¬†page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, Instagram feed, Pinterest boards, YouTube Channel, or whatever platform is suitable for your industry and website. Once you’re all set up, work on establishing and building your online presence and promote away.

2) Word of Mouth

Another free way to advertise. Of course, this one is well-known and easy, but how quickly most of us forget the power of “word of mouth”. What do you do when you’re looking for the best sushi restaurant on your vacation to Vancouver? You ask friends and family. You may even turn to trusted online resources to view the best rated options, while reading through the various reviews. Why? Because you trust their opinions. So, take advantage of this old school style of marketing. Get started by telling all of your family and friends about your new website, and don’t you dare be afraid to ask them to assist you in promoting it – if they love you, they’ll want to help. Have them plug your domain on their social media platforms and sit back as the news continues to spread to people you don’t even know. Over time, you will hopefully gain positive reviews, which will increase your chances of recommendations to your website. Also, don’t ever forget to mention your new website in relatable conversations whenever you have the opportunity to. The trick is to not be shy and shamelessly promote your new website with confidence. Go ahead, use that mouth of yours and mark your words!

3) Search Marketing

Last, but definitely not least, as it is probably the most important tool. Search engine optimization is a system used to make your website more naturally visible in a search engine’s search results. When you “Google” something, we are almost positive that you don’t go past the first page of results (who does, really?), and that’s where SEO comes in handy for you. Research indicates that 75% of users never view the second page of search results, so you want to ensure your domain will pop up on the first page to increase your traffic. Think about the many keyword phrases one would search for to get to your website and load them throughout your site’s content (headers, links, paragraphs, etc). The best way to enhance your natural search results are to create SEO-friendly content, and even take the time to go back and edit your existing content. SEO is definitely time-consuming, but it is an essential process to holding down a visible spot in search engines. There are tons of articles online that go into depth about this process, however, if the task seems too daunting, does offer this service for those who don’t have the time to learn about how to optimize their website. For a small one-time fee, we’ll do keyword research, set up your Google Analytics account, and more, so check out our SEO Site Boost packages. Once your SEO is on point, your new domain will be self-promoting like a superstar.

At the end of the day, you put in the work to buy a great domain name and launch a beautiful website, so don’t let it just sit there and get lost in cyberspace. Do all that you can to promote it, and have fun with it while you’re at it!