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Backup and Security for Your Website

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Cloud Coverage Features

Cloud Coverage keeps your website safe and secure. Every post, every picture, every page. Everything.

Scheduled Backups

Your entire website, including your files, web pages and databases, will be backed up automatically on a daily basis. You can sleep easy knowing should something ever go wrong, there is an up-to-date backup on file.

Backup Archive

Each of your daily backups will be retained offsite on one of our secure cloud servers for up to one year depending on your plan. Should you need to restore your website, you’ll have access to the latest versions of all your files and databases.

Automated Restoration

Our ultimate goal is to provide proactive measures to eliminate website restoration altogether. However, if all else fails, we will restore your website back to the latest version using our automated restoration software.

Automatic Malware Removal

Cloud Coverage not only identifies threats, but also fixes them for you automatically. This way, your protection works in the background to secure your website, while its business as usual for you and your customers.

Advanced Website Security

We will install and configure third-party security software to help mitigate attacks and temporarily block attacking IPs. We will also ensure that specific areas of your website will be restricted to administrative users only.

SmartBlock Firewall

The SmartBlock Firewall is a web application firewall and provides an additional layer of security by instantly protecting your website from malicious web traffic and blocking harmful requests from known blacklists.

Website Protection + Security

Did you know?! Over 30,000 small and large websites are attacked every single day. Don’t leave yourself at risk.

Protect yourself from the following:


Bot Attacks


Identity Theft


Pricing Comparison Chart

Choose a plan that fits your budget! Monthly prices shown below are billed annually.


$ 10

Per Month
  • Coverage Includes:
  • 180-Day Backup Archive
  • Daily Backups
  • Automated Restores
  • Advanced Website Security
  • Daily FTP + Malware Scanning
  • Completely Managed
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AdvancedMost Popular

$ 20

Per Month
  • Standard Coverage PLUS:
  • 365-Day Backup Archive
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Advanced Vulnerability Scanning
  • SmartBlock Firewall
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • File Change Monitoring
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