Don’t Be A Square Space or Wix Upon a Star

construction workers building a website while man sits on a cloud

Oh, the underestimated art of web design. Most people truly don’t understand the intricate dynamics that go behind it. The lack of appreciation for both coding and the concepts of creative structuring steadily increases as more companies convince people that absolutely anyone can design aesthetically functioning websites.

Sure, just about anybody possesses the ability to easily use free platforms such as SquareSpace, Wix and Weebly. But please, let us all humbly step back and be realistic about the quality of these drag-and-drop, template-based website services – if you’re looking to have a polished website with hopes of growing your business to a grand scale, these services just won’t cut it.

Now, we’ll be honest and fair, and commend SquareSpace for their more sophisticated style editing platform. They’ve progressively stepped in to offer fancier options for DIY-builders; however, not only does it cost a pretty monthly fee, but the user would also be quite surprised that it’s not as easy of an interface to use. It may save you money, because you didn’t have to hire a professional developer, but it will definitely cost you chunks of time and frequent bouts of frustration. Plus, if you ever wish to migrate it over to another platform, good luck, it’s a tedious task and you will need a developer.

Throwing together a website without any knowledge of the elements of art, the principles of design, brand marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will leave one with a mediocre looking (if not horrible), possibly ineffective, and scarcely searchable website. Do you really want to taint your visitors’ first impressions online? The whole point of having a website is to build recurring visitors, as to increase the success of your business, blog, career, etc. right?

Yes, of course, some people with a background in creative design are absolutely able to pull off a beautiful site layout using these web development platforms, but they, too, may still find themselves struggling with additional customization and SEO. In general, most people really just don’t have a clue about page structure and site design, yet, will make the effort to “drag & drop” their site together with good intentions, and then wonder why their website hasn’t enhanced their business goals.

The point is: don’t try to wix upon a star, because you might end up being a square space online.

Make your website standout! You wouldn’t go to Home Depot and try to build your own house? You’d hire a contractor. Okay, okay, building a house and building a website are on entirely different sides of the building spectrum, but you’re starting to get our point, right?

If you want an impressively professional website online that represents your brand and takes your goals to a profound level, we highly recommend that you to leave it to the professionals and hire a web developer. But hey, we’re a bit biased and that’s just our professional opinion. You can always try those DIY web building platforms and see for yourself. But we can’t promise you that Charlie won’t say, “I told you so!”