Website Design

We love working with Start-Ups and Non-Profits all the same. Both are on a mission, both have limited budgets, both are in need for a lot of bang for their buck! Q and Cassandra Wilson allowed us the opportunity to build a great starting foundation for their new church, Toronto IC. We kept it simple (with room to grow) and delivered them a one-pager that packs some punch. We created some simple branding guidelines and carried them throughout the experience all while incorporating simple CTA features to promote their social media outlets, social events and donation portal.

Side Note: If you’re looking for a great group of people to come together with in a very easygoing, no-pressure, social atmosphere, check out Toronto IC Meet-Ups alternating Mondays and Tuesdays at Yorkdale Shopping Center inside Michel’s Bakery. It’s a great environment to share your thoughts (or just listen) and you’ll leave feeling greatly empowered.