Logo Re-Design

Although the logo overhaul we performed wasn’t super-extensive, it was absolutely necessary. The Island’s logo wasn’t in vectored format, which meant it wasn’t scalable without distorting the image and there were a few design flaws. So, we jumped in, waved our magic wand and spruced it up a tad. Now, all of the text is much more legible and has adequate kerning and spacing. We even sprinkled in a drop of yellow and reshaped the original stars to liven up the design a bit. More often than not, simple can be made better, just as long as everything still meets corporate design standards.



Digital Menu Boards

We chose to use some of Jamaica’s favourite colours – red, green and gold. They’re representative of the culture, and since The Islands prides itself on the authenticity of their food, we wanted to carry this theme throughout the brand. We re-designed their menu boards following all of the new branding guidelines we created. What you’re left with is a super legible and stunning menu board for all to see and order from.

Loyalty + Catering Cards

The Island’s loyalty cards got spruced up as well to tie into all of the new brand. We also introduced a new catering card to be displayed at the store front and also handed out at catered events to draw more attention to the new online ordering system – see below.

Website Design

When The Islands Caribbean first sat down with us, their biggest concern was getting a complete revamp on their online catering system. So, that’s where we focused most of our attention. We delivered a completely redesigned website with all the bells and whistles, but the biggest improvement was their brand new online ordering system which streamlines their catering orders. It’s completely customized and tailored to their needs and absolutely visually stunning, to say the least. Need catering? Head on over to www.theislandscaribbean.com and check it out for yourself!