Website Design

Becky approached us after becoming utterly frustrated with the performance and conversion rates of her website for The Beacon Center. She had worked with 12 different web designers within a 5-year period and had terrible to “so-so” experiences with the whole lot of them. As we’re sure you could imagine, at first, she was very hesitant to work with us, afraid that we’d be the 13th web design team to disappoint her; however, to her amazement, we delivered a stunning, professional, ultra-performing re-design in under 30 days. Lucky #13 much? Don’t take our word for it; check out Becky’s testimonial below.

We incorporated a new booking system for her to take her entire booking process digital, instead of her having to fumble around with paper contracts and sending/receiving emails and faxes. We also incorporated a tonne of CTA features to engage more visitors and help lower her bounce rates and improve her conversion rates. Check it out for yourself by clicking the monitor below:

Client Testimonial

This has been the smoothest process I have ever gone through with any company. The fact that the first viewing of my website required such little changes was mind blowing! I have to say that out of the 12 web designers I have worked with in a 5 year period, this company is definitely TOP notch! I had my site delivered in 28 days from the time I signed the contract. It was both affordable and high quality, and they delivered the professional, upscale feel that I wanted, all while keeping everything clean and simple to navigate. Also, I no longer need to wait weeks or months on updates. I just sign into , tell them what I want updated. In a business day or two (sometimes even the same day) they're done! I no longer have to wait on slow incompetent designers or watch YouTube videos to learn how to make changes to my site!
Becky Stonebarger
Owner / Operator / The Beacon Center