Logo Design

Creating the FitPal logo was tougher than it may have seemed. Some may see simple writing with a basic symbol. The goal was to create something simple and fitting to the industry from a colour scheme perspective, while still separating itself from the industry altogether. What you’re left with is a stunningly beautiful and simplistic design, perfectly fit to meet corporate standards.



Premium Business Cards

FitPal’s entire company revolves around one key word: Simple. Their mission statement is simple. Their scheduling system is simple. Their processes are simple. With that in mind, we even had to make their logo simple. With their business card being an extension of their brand and the first thing their prospects see, that also had to be simple.

Simple can still be creative. So, we decided to add a subtle backdrop on the backside of the card for some added flair. We opted to produce this card on our premium matte/dull card stock, which is different from the typical matte lamination. Due to the extremely simple design, we finished the card with 1/8 inch rounded corners for a touch of sophistication and added creativity.

Promotional Brochure

Part of FitPal’s marketing campaign was comprised of a local mail out and sales initiative. So, we created a custom brochure design with a roll-fold to pack all of their features inside while still sticking to the “simple” theme.

Website Design

Simple meets covert sophistication. The FitPal website is a highly complex website built into a simple, user-friendly costume. There’s form, there’s function. Visit the website and see just what we mean. Enough chit-chat already.