Logo Design

Creating the JAB Management logo was a simple task. The JAB Management team left the majority of the creative control in our hands and provided us all of the information we needed in the creative brief to execute the design effectively. In the end, this is the final concept they decided to go with.



Premium Business Cards

Given the nature of the business, JAB Management wanted a little more flair and fizaz with their business cards. So, we took their strong brand profile and gave them exactly what they wanted.

We opted to produce this card on our premium soft velvet card stock, giving the card a completely unique and luxurious feel in the hands. Each employees business card also has a unique image representing them. These subtleties added a nice little touch of sophistication and creativity.

Website Design

JAB Management primarily focuses their efforts and services locally, working with businesses and business owners directly in their place of work. So, their website simply needed to be a contact point for their primarily offline business.

They opted for our Starter Website Design Package, which proved to be more than enough to appease them.